General information

About the conference

MEGAmun is a model united nations conference taking place at Lycée Michel-Rodange from 25th – 27th January 2024 in Luxembourg-City.

Over 50 students and 20 teachers from six European countries are scheduled to participate in MUN (Model United Nations) debates dealing with issues around artificial intelligence and modern democracy. Under the umbrella theme of "DemocrAIcy", the participating students will explore the societal and political challenges posed by the rapid development of AI. MUN conferences simulate the work of the United Nations and help students to learn more about the principles of the UN and how it functions. Participants also develop their language skills through debates, engage with current political issues and follow the actual rules and practices used at the UN. During the conference, the students stay with host families and form intercultural bonds and friendships.

Participating schools:

  • Institut de la Providence de Champion / Belgium
  • Wittekind Gymnasium Lübbecke / Germany
  • I Liceum Ogólnokształcące Toruń /Poland
  • Gymnázium bilingválne Zilina / Slovakia
  • Instituto de Educación Secundaria ‘Miguel Catalan’ Zaragoza / Spain
  • Lycée Hubert Clément Esch / Luxembourg
  • Lycée Aline Mayrisch / Luxembourg
  • Oscar Romero College Dendermonde / Belgium
  • Melanchthon-Gymnasium Berlin / Germany


The main theme of year's conference is "DemocrAIcy". Artificial intelligence is evolving rapidly and will have significant repercussions on our modern societies. As such, the development of AI poses a major challenge for political regulation and social policies. This year's MEGAmun conference explores the intersection between technology and democracy.

Feel free to consult our reader (click here to download) in order to get a short overview of the many advantages and disadvantages that AI may bring to us.


  • General Assembly: Regulating the development and use of AI with regards to the dangers they Pose to Humanity (Study Guide)
  • Human Rights Council: Discussing the state of internet censorship and information suppression (Study Guide)
  • Security Council: Addressing the Nigerian military coup and ensuring regional stability (Study Guide)
  • International Labour Office: Fighting the rise of unemployment due to the development of AI (Study Guide)