Veggie Cookbook

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Meatless Monday

The Veggie Monday, initiated at the request of Lycée Michel-Rodange, Athenée and Lycée Aline Mayrisch, is part of the sustainable catering concept implemented by Restopolis at the start of 2021/2022. These "meat-free snacks" provide that, on the first day of the week, the catering offer in all three high schools consists only of vegan and vegan menus and products. The pilot project, initially organized between the 2021 Toussaint holiday and the 2022 Carnival holiday, proved to be a great success. Restopolis and the schools concerned have therefore decided to extend it beyond the test phase. Veggie Monday is now an integral part of the gastronomic calendar of the three high schools.

Guests who prefer not to participate in the Veggie Monday can always eat at the large school restaurant at Forum Geesseknäppchen, which serves vegetarian, vegan and non-vegan dishes from Monday to Friday.

As part of the Veggie Monday, a culinary competition was held on July 5, 2022, bringing together the school communities of the three participating high schools. Led by the Restopolis cooks, a team from each school, consisting of three to four students, prepared in the school cuisine of the National School for Adults (ENAD) at Campus Geesseknäppchen, a complete meal based on local and local organic vegetarian and vegan ingredients. In preparation for the competition, the teams had submitted revenue proposals to Restopolis. Each time the school catering service had selected an entry, a main dish and a dessert that the participants had to prepare before the eyes of a jury composed of representatives of the schools and Restopolis.

The jury highlighted the very professional approach of the three teams and congratulated the participants for the extraordinary quality of the dishes cooked. The awards were presented as part of a lunch with participants and representatives of the three high schools and Restopolis at the school restaurant of Forum Geesseknäppchen on November 10, 2022. Best entry: the asparagus soup of the students of the Lycée Michel Rodange; Best main dish: the parsley filled with potatoes and salsa sauce house of the pupils of the lycée Aline Mayrisch; Best dessert: the vegan apricot cake from the students of the Athenaeum in Luxembourg. Excellent performances were rewarded with a cut and basket of local vegetarian and vegan products for each participating team. Each student who participated also received a copy of a book on vegetarian and vegan cuisine, a new snack "myCan Food4Future" and a towel "myNapkin".