The World as a Global Village

In November 2017, our HOPE club conducted an multilateral survey with 250 students in our partner schools from five countries Poland, Slovakia, Spain and Germany including our Lycée Michel-Rodange. At each school fifty students were asked to participate in a survey on the topic "The World as a global village". This exhibition is showing you the results.

Who are we: HOPE stands for Human Opportunities for Peace in Europe, which is the title of our current Erasmus+ project at our school. In the HOPE club, students aged fifteen to nineteen get the opportunity to work on their debating skills and to participate in international charity and project work. They are also encouraged to participate in MUN (Model United Nations) conferences financed by the Erasmus+ program. We meet every Friday after class in the Info 2 (Wing E0). You are welcome to join us.

Download here.