Earth Z Conference

Hello ! We are Lizi & Mathew and we are members from MEGA-Club from Luxembourg. In October 2021, we had the opportunity to participate in the EARTHZ-Conference in Zaragoza. This conference was mainly about giving us a better understanding of our changing climate, as wells as thinking about climate change solution. Furthermore, we were able to learn about the history of the city. However, it wasn’t only about being all serious, but it was also exciting to be able to get in touch and „network“ with new people from different countries and backgrounds.

Probably one of the most fun activities of our stay in Zaragoza was going Kayaking on the Ebro River. Naturally, we didn’t just go kayaking. In the beginning, we were explained the little village (just out of Zaragoza) has been experiencing problems with excessive quantities of rain, which cause floods and their modern solutions: planting hundreds of trees, which absorb a lot of the excess water, which causes flooding. Kayaking on the river was probably our favourite experience, because we were able to meet all the people in a completely different setting and just have fun! earth

To finalize our trip to Zaragoza, we debated on the topic of environmental amendments worthy of being presented to the “El Justicia de Aragón”, the “people’s defender” which takes care of the citizen’s. On our last day, during a ceremony under the presence of the “Justicia’s” representative, we then were able to present the amendments. One elected student from each delegation and the “Justicia” signed a document stating …? This put an end to the official part of our trip (official, because the real ending was clearly the great afterparty with an immaculate vibe and immaculate music (musician approved √)) earth2

To sum up, this trip has probably been one of the most amazing experiences in our lives. Not only did we learn about climate change, but also about this incredible city, we were able to explore, not just the touristic parts, we also got a lot of insights from our hosts on how it is two live in Zaragoza. However, we all can on that also about meeting new people and making friends, we never would have met otherwise, is what made this such a fantastic experience and we can’t wait to meet everyone again.